Soundwave x Dolby Atmos

August 25th – RSVP only

Performances by Shane Myrbeck, Emily Shisko, Cullen Miller

Sporegloss Bug Train Xenophoria

September 14th @ Gray Area

Curated by Tanya Gayer with performances by Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Neotenomie, and Rook

Body Atlas

October 13th @ SPUR

Curated by Dorothy Santos with performances by Wizard Apprentice and The Jeepneys

Networked Utopias

November 2nd

Curated by Tiare Ribeaux with performances by Cullen Miller and Gabriel Dunne

From roads and highways to high-speed Internet and electricity, the infrastructures we build can both connect us, and permit distance and independence. Most of us could not live without modern infrastructure, but do we really know how deep that dependence goes? Or what effects infrastructure has had and will continue to exert on humans and the planet?

SonicLAB ((8)) Infrastructure is a performance series highlighting the organizational and social aspects of a variety of Bay Area and global networks. The series is meant to provoke ideas and conversation around isolation amid interconnectivity; environmental degradation and mass consumption of electronics; the politics of energy infrastructures, fossil fuels and renewables; the movement of goods and services across roads, bridges, railways, channels and ports; the often invisible protocols that affect our daily lives.

SonicLAB ((8)) Infrastructure reflects the evolution of our built environment; how sound, materiality, earth energies, and human pressures act on, with and against each other. Performances confront both physical and digital infrastructures. As in seasons past, SonicLab ((8)) artists are exploring the boundaries, bringing back not just answers but new questions about our community, some embedded, some forgotten. Take time not only to absorb the works, but the infrastructures they highlight.