Networked Utopias

November 2nd

6:30 – 8pm


Contemporary Jewish Museum

736 Mission St., SF, CA

In partnership with the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Networked Utopias will feature two collaborative audiovisual performances investigating our evolving online and interconnected lives, and illuminating the signal artifacts of our networked platforms. Cullen Miller and Gabriel Dunne will premiere a new location based audiovisual performance in response to the Yud Gallery. Musician Lavender will be accompanied by visualist Chelley Sherman who will use audio reactive software to create generative landscapes interpreting signal transmissions within the Yud.

“Latency”, a performance by Gabriel Dunne and Cullen Miller, delves into
the experience of discontinuity in mediated digital communications.
The piece builds a sonic narrative produced through affects of networks, computing, and daily devices. Messaging, data loss, proxies, translation, noise, geopolitics, reliance on private infrastructure, and remote intimacy are
sonified through bespoke software and hardware.

Inhabitants of digital environments have sacrificed meaningful bonds for
hyper-connectivity. In an era where we are redefining community and communication, Chelley and Lavender examine on the unconscious process
that blurs the boundary of self and others while developing a synchronicity through rhythmic and photic stimuli. Motivated by ritual and hypnogogia,
we begin to reimagine physical and virtual networks and necessary spaces
to create transient bonds in an era of tumult.

Cullen Miller

Cullen Miller is an audiovisual composer, spatial-media designer, and curator. His projects vary in nature but typically fall within the spectrum of sound design, installation, composition, and systems design.

Gabriel Dunne

Gabriel Dunne is an audiovisual artist who creates works that explore visual, audible, and physical frequencies, drawing influence from natural systems, sensory patterns, structures and rhythms of the perceivable and imperceivable universe. He integrates a wide range of mediums including sculpture, music, sound, visualization/sonification, digital manufacturing and fabrication, parametric software, and site-specific installation


Lavender is a new media artist and visual designer based out of San Francisco. Her audiovisual work creates narratives using elements of organic movement, digital textures and principles of light to build landscapes otherworldly. She is a mento and educator at Gray Area, and VR creator and developer, as well as a supporting visualist for SF techno artists.

Chelley Sherman

Chelley Sherman is a virtual artist from San Fransisco. Her work is governed by patterns and texture which harness the neural systems that underlie enthrallment in darkness, ritual, reverie. Since her background in cognitive science and graphic arts, her works have been presented in installation and performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

About the curator

Tiare Ribeaux is a Hawaiian-American new media artist, curator and community organizer whose work explores materiality, infrastructures, and environment. Her work seeks to provoke conversation and uncover hidden truths around opaque global industrial and socio-economic systems that are omnipresent yet often invisible in our day-to-day lives. She has been a Bay Area based curator and producer of visual arts, performance arts, and community events focused on innovation and radical inclusivity for over 5 years.

She has a background in fashion design and biotechnology and is interested by shanzhai, deep/dark/media ecologies, speculative futures, and collaborative entanglements. She is currently the Director of B4BEL4B Gallery, on the curatorial team of the REFRESH Biennial, and doing an artist exchange fellowship as part of the 2018 ZERO1 American Arts Incubator.